Middle Time new trailer

A book trailer for a novel- Middle Time by Priya Vasudevan. It is a historical mystery and adventure to be published by Niyogi Books- featuring Maya and Achale- two exceptional women on similar quests, separated only by time. Middle Time is the first in a triligy of books featuring Maya- a Chennai lawyer.
Her client Tulsi dies and leaves her a legacy of doubt: why did she die? Is it something to do with a death in 1536?
Hampi 1536….
The glorious reign of Krishna Deva Raya has ended. Achyuta Deva Raya is the titular head.
The times are turbulent – riddled with fratricidal conflicts, secret plots and territorial battles. In this maelstrom of conflicting influences, saints are commonplace and great poetry is spawned every day.
At the centre of it all is Achale, a temple dancer searching for herself…
Hounded by the officials of Hampi, she is pitch- forked into the investigation of Thulasi’s death. Thulasi was a Brahmin widow excommunicated by her village for bearing an illegitimate son. Then she was catapulted to respectability when her son was declared a saint. Why then did she die? Was she murdered?

Achale and Maya have to ask themselves these questions as they race against time to catch a dangerous and malevolent enemy until their worlds collide…
And somewhere in the middle is the answer to death….. and life…

Weave back and forth through Time as the book draws you deeper and deeper into its magic…
Funny, heartwarming, poignant and real… the book will draw you into its depths and won’t let go until long after you have finished it…..
Middle Time by Priya Vasudevan in stores near you soon…


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