Its been nine long years but I can finally announce the release of my book, Middle Time.

  I first saw Hampi by moonlight, the outer battlements of the city wall glimmering, and their enchantment slithered into my subconscious, unfurled and remains to this day. The next day, sitting in the Queen’s Bath, I slipped back in time and Achale danced before me, out of the keys, onto the page. While Achale remained a part of me, I heard the first faint whispers of her story only when I read about the strange case of the boy-saint, a widow’s son who came out of the temple pond with his sacred thread, in the colonial gazetteer.

 ‘Middle Time’, of which Achale is the protagonist, is a historical mystery with a contemporary twist.  It is the story of a woman’s search for love- a mystery, and a comment on social mores.

 Alternating between contemporary Chennai and the UNESCO heritage site of Hampi, the character’s lives play out against the backdrop of territorial battles, communal tensions and the compromises individuals have to make when they want to get ahead in a climate of competing  interests and rigid social stratification.

The story goes like this:

Maya, a lawyer in Chennai, India, in 1996, while going through the papers of her client Tulsi, who has died under mysterious circumstances at a dance school, discovers a moth-eaten old paperback which transports her back in time.

Maya follows the struggle of Achale the devadasi to uncover the truth behind the murder of Tulasi, a widow who had been excommunicated when she had a son, more than a year after her husband’s death, in 1536 in Hampi, Vijayanagara.

  Maya has to answer a number of questions as she struggles to solve both the mysteries not least being-is there a connection between the two deaths?

  Join Maya and Achale as they race to uncover a dangerous enemy when Middle Time releases……


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